Flood Damage Restoration Greenslopes

Reliable & Professional Flood Damage Restoration in Greenslopes

Clean Master Brisbane is a reputed full-service carpet restoration company in Greenslopes. We deliver a wide range of carpet restoration services including fire restoration, water restoration and flood damage restoration Greenslopes.

We provide the best flood damage restoration for residential and commercial properties. For any water or flood damage situation, a quick response is essential. So whenever such a situation occurs, call the experts from Clean Master IMMEDIATELY!

Certain things can never be done at home and this is one of them. So if you find yourself stuck in any flood damage scenario then don’t EVER try to resolve it on your own. Always take professional help.

Flood Damage Restoration Greenslopes
Flood Damage Restoration Service

Did You Know? (Flood Damage Restoration Facts)

Did you know that untreated water damaged carpets can lead to mould growth within 24 hours? The more you delay in calling the professionals for restoration, the more you lose the possibility of restoring your precious carpets.

What Causes Flood Damage

  • Sewage overflow
  • Hot water system leakage

Clean Master has a separate team in Greenslopes to deliver emergency and same-day water damage carpet restoration services. There could be various reasons for flooding, such as:

  • Washing machine overflow
  • Burst pipes
  • Blocked drains
  • Bathtub flow
  • Heavy storms
  • Roof leakage
  • Rain-water

No matter what kind of flooding has damaged your carpet, we are here to deliver the quickest carpet water damage restoration services.

Hot Water System Leakage
Hot Water System Leakage

What Goes into Flood Damage Restoration?

It is important for you, as a customer, to understand the process of flood damage restoration. We train our cleaners to follow the following all-inclusive carpet flood damage restoration process:

  • Your Call – We are always on our toes to undertake any emergency flood damage restoration request. The moment you call us to book an appointment we will send our experts who will reach you within 2 hours maximum anywhere in Greenslopes.
  • Carpet Inspection – Our cleaners, first of all, inspect the water damaged site and do a thorough analysis of what all needs to be done.
  • Water Extraction – Using submersible pumps along with the latest powerful vacuums, we extract all the water.
  • Flood Damage Carpet Restoration – We mop the carpet using eco-friendly products that consist of no harmful chemicals. We work on removing all types of germs, allergens, bacteria, and contaminants that might have been an outcome of water damage.
  • Carpet Drying – We dry your wet carpets in two steps – drying and dehumidifying. This completely gets rid of any moisture residues.
  • Carpet Insurance – Mostly we take complete responsibility of talking directly to your insurance company and giving them detailed reports of the comprehensive work we do. This helps in getting a full claim for flood damage restoration service.
  • Carpet Fabric Protection – We use antimicrobial and anti-browning treatment to add more life and beauty to your carpets. Additionally, we protect the carpets with an exclusive carpet fabric protection to make the cleaned carpet last long.
Carpet Water Damage Restoration Greenslopes
Carpet Water Damage Restoration

How to Manage Water Damage Situation?

It is easy to save water damaged carpets from irreparable harm. You just have to keep in mind the following tips:

  • The first thing is to turn off the source of water if you can. For instance, if the flood has been caused by washing machine overflow, bathtub overflow, or tap leakage then you need to turn off the source as soon as possible.
  • Remove all the furniture from the damaged carpet.
  • Do not try to dry the carpet using fans or vacuum cleaners. This may cause the contaminants to spread severely.
  • Seal the damaged area and don’t let anybody touch any water damaged thing. This should be taken very seriously in case of flood damage or sewage/gutter overflow.
  • Get in touch with professional flood damage restoration specialists as soon as possible!
Flood Damage Restoration
Flood Damage Restoration

Choose Clean Master for Best Flood Damage Restoration

Clean Master Brisbane is a market leader of carpet cleaning services and flood damage restoration in Greenslopes. We provide a pleasant experience to our customers by being experienced, courteous, and supportive professionals. Moreover:

  • You get the lowest prices all over Greenslopes.
  • We are an accredited and local company of Greenslopes with certified and licensed cleaners on board. Our cleaners are all accredited by IICRC.
  • We use advanced equipment for 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We also take responsibility for the paperwork required to claim insurance for water damaged carpets.
  • Our customer care executives are working 24×7 thereby giving you full support round the clock. We are available every day of the week, even on weekends. You can also avail our services on public holidays.
  • We have been delivering prompt & quick flood damage restoration over 20 years.
  • We deliver not just water restored carpets but also clean, healthy, and hygienic carpets that are contaminant free and mould free!
Best Flood Damage Restoration Services
Best Flood Damage Restoration Services

Clean Master delivers quickest and finest water damage carpet restoration services at extremely affordable prices. We are your ultimate destination for carpet restoration and carpet cleaning. Call us for a free quotation!

Location: Greenslopes, QLD, Australia


'I would absolutely recommend Clean Master Brisbane to all, who are searching for the expert help for water damage flood restoration service. I have to tell they are specialists in giving professional services. Their service was cost-effective too. Thank you!!''
- Maddy