Four Handy Tips to Minimize Water Damage

Carpets are the sight that usually greets you when you enter someone’s house. Selection of a carpet is based on a lot of considerations and it continuously remains in use. Thus, a carpet is susceptible to various types of stains or spillage that are very common occurrences in any household. After any kind of spillage, care must be taken to remove the liquid or the stain immediately from the surface, as it can cause lasting damage to the carpet, if allowed to stick around. It can also lead to bacterial proliferation if not cleaned properly. Based on the source of water, there can be three types of water that can essentially be spilt over your carpet and they have varying degrees of purity.

Have a Look At The Types of Waters That Can Affect Your Carpet Hygiene.

White Water

This is spilling of water from a clean water source. These include spillage of rainwater, clean drinking water, and purified water among others. They are called ‘white’ to symbolize their purity. These do not cause any lasting harm or infection and can be simply mopped up. If the carpet gets completely wet, should need a proper and complete dryness to go for just steaming to dry it out. Beware bad smell will happen as a whole which spoils the carpet.

Grey Water

These types of water include water from washing machines, melting ice creams, juices, milk and a host of other sources that may lead to bacterial infection. These are usually rich in protein and they can attract mites, bugs and other insects that may end up in an insect infestation. These types of water have a tendency to leave stains, and thus these necessitate stain removal and cleaning. It is a good idea to seek professional help. Give a call and our team will be there for you to do the needs.

Black Water

This is considered contaminated dirty water. These find their source from sewers or toilet overflows. These are highly contagious and can cause bacterial and fungal contamination. Immediate professional help should be sought, or even better, the carpet should be discarded, because the proper removal of such a contamination is fairly difficult. But our way of steaming works a lot. Seeking Clean Master Brisbane us is a good idea.

Carpet Water Damage Restoration
Carpet Water Damage Restoration

Absorption Before Cleaning

If there is grey water spillage, and the carpet is dried at the very onset, the chances are very high that the contamination has not been taken care of. The particles have most likely dried after seeping through to the carpet interiors, which makes it even more difficult to remove later. These form a starting point for bacterial and fungal proliferation and in turn, causes bad odor. Thus, before drying, it must be ensured that the stains are absorbed in the first place. This helps to dirt to be taken away so that it does not linger, and does not cause the problems it would otherwise have caused.

These tips will help you to take care of your carpet before and after damage. We at Clean Master Brisbane are ready 24×7 to help you with Carpet Water Damage Restoration. For more details call on our helpline number – anytime of the day.