Tips To Preserve The Carpet From Pets Urine

If you love nourishing pets then it is obvious that they will create a little mess inside your home and it is your liability to maintain your house and carpet clean. Usually, dogs love to lie down on the carpet and that is the place where they leave urine on it. So it becomes your responsibility to keep it clean and fresh because dogs urine can damage the carpet fibres and cleaning it is not an easy task. There are 2 ways for you to keep it clean and fresh either you can do it by yourself or you can go for a professional carpet cleaning service.

Following Are The Steps You Can Follow To Remove Pets Urine

  • First, you will have to find the damaged area and then it will be easy for you to ascertain the affected area by looking at the damp spot. Despite you will also notice more dry spots which are hard to determine with a naked eye.
  • To find the hard to remove and obstinate stains you can use a torch. A torch will help you to see the stains that have been accumulated from months. You should also pay heed to those old spots which do not come in they eye contact. Dogs urine contains chemical which can completely affect the carpet fibres.
  • Absorb the damp spots you soak it by using a tissue or microfibre cloth. It is better if you soak up the urine on cloth and not let it soak in the carpet because it might build debris in the carpet which can be hard to extract. You can use Carpet Stain Removal too.
  • Clean all the debris – You can easily clean all the stains and smells by using a compound of surfactant and baking soda. If there are any tags labelled on the carpet which denies the use of before-mentioned chemicals then you might need to obtain a specific dog urine extraction solution for the process. Pets urine contains chemicals like ammonia which is quite hard to extract.
  • Maintain a regular cleaning of the carpet. It will help the carpet to stay clean and fresh all day. Plus it will also prevent infections and health problems. You can simply use a cloth to remove dust and other particles from the carpet and you should also train your dog to not leave urine on the carpet better if you teach your pet to urine outside the house.
Carpet Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Removal

Hire The Professionals

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